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More than half a million men have a vasectomy every year in the United States. If you want permanent birth control, a vasectomy is an extremely reliable method that gives you true peace of mind. At Advanced Urology of Sarasota, LLC, urologic surgeon Gerard Curtis, MD, skillfully performs vasectomies using advanced minimally invasive methods. To see if a vasectomy is right for you, call the Sarasota, Florida, office or book an appointment online today.

Vasectomy Q&A

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a minimally invasive procedure for permanent male birth control. During a vasectomy, Dr. Curtis closes off your vas deferens, the small tubes that move sperm into semen. He typically performs this minimally invasive surgery in-office. 

A vasectomy is a very safe and trusted way for men to take charge of their own fertility and family building choices. Although nothing except abstinence is 100% effective, a vasectomy is the closest a man can get to foolproof birth control. 

Does a vasectomy affect my sexual function?

Absolutely not. A vasectomy changes nothing about your hormones and doesn't damage the nerves around your penis, so it won’t cause problems like erectile dysfunction. 

Your function and sensation will remain the same as before. The only difference is that your seminal fluid no longer contains sperm and can't fertilize an egg.

How does a vasectomy work?

The vasectomy method can vary based on your anatomy and needs. Advanced Urology of Sarasota, LLC offers the following vasectomy methods:

Traditional vasectomy

In a traditional vasectomy, Dr. Curtis makes 1-2 small incisions in the scrotum. He accesses each vas deferens through these incisions and then cuts the tubes. He may also remove a tiny section of each tube. In some cases, Dr. Curtis sears the two ends of the tube before closing them with a small stitch. 

Dr. Curtis may close the scrotal incisions with dissolving stitches, or the incision may just need a small bandage. 

No-blade vasectomy

In a no-blade vasectomy, Dr. Curtis creates a small needlelike puncture in the scrotal skin to access the vas deferens. After that, the process is the same as with a traditional vasectomy.

Dr. Curtis discusses your needs with you so he can recommend the best vasectomy type.

How long is vasectomy recovery?

Many men go back to work the next day with a few restrictions regarding strenuous activity. Within a week, most men heal completely and can resume normal activity. 

How long before I can count on a vasectomy for birth control?

It typically takes around three months, or 20 ejaculations, to completely flush all sperm out of the vas deferens. To avoid unwanted pregnancy, continue using other forms of birth control for a period of time after the procedure.

Around three months after your procedure, Dr. Curtis tests your sperm. If your sperm count is zero, he gives you the go-ahead to rely upon vasectomy as birth control.

Ready for reliable, permanent birth control? Call Advanced Urology of Sarasota, LLC or book an appointment online to get started today.